Friday, May 19, 2017


RESPECT, RESPONSIBLE, RESILIENCE - these are our school values.  They had to create something to teach our younger students what they are. 


  1. Nice work girls! I love how you have used the power of voice, music, video and text to share your message in a creative way. A great way to share your school values - respect, responsible and resilient. Have you shared your video clip with the younger students? I am sure they will learn lots from you. What programme did you use to put your video together?

  2. Hi i'm Jakob, I really like how you have used very good describing words. Next time you could speak a little louder and have the music a bit quieter so we can hear what you're saying. Overall I think it is a great way to show you know the three R's

  3. hi my name is phoenix and i am a year 8 at Wesley Intermediate school i like the way how you presented your three r's, at Wesley intermediate we have school values as well Respect others,Respect yourself,Respect the environment but what you could work on next time is you could turn the music down so the we can hear on what you are saying something