Thursday, May 18, 2017

Right vs Wrong

Room 6 were set a task of producing something that could teach our younger students about our school values. This group came up with a video showing the right and wrong way to behave at school. Well done girls.


  1. Hi my name is Manaia and I go to waima school and I think that your video on how it should and should't be was a really good exsample for what your producing and I thought that it was really cool you can go and have a look at my blog if you want here's the link

  2. Hello we are Tara,Sophie,Bridget and Patrick.We like how you did the wrong thing then showed us what the right thing to do was. We think you should of been more spacific which one is the right one and wrong one. We can connect to this because our school has respect values aswell. Next time we think that you should talk a bit louder and show what value you are trying to do. We think you should've had a better camera angle. Why did you choose to do this creation wrong vs right?
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  3. Hello I am Joy from Welsey Intermediate School, and I think that it is great how you showed your skills and how to be resilient. I hope we do somthing similar to what you guys did but with our values. If you have spare times, please visit my blog and comment.

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  4. hi my name is phoenix and i am from Wesley intermediate school and i like your 3r's video and it showed me what is the right thing to do and what the wrong thing to do

  5. Hi my name is Dayton and I go to kawakawa primary school. I really like your guys rap.I like your fly like a butterfly sting like a bee kawakawa primary is where i'm ment to be.goodbye very impressive

  6. kia ora it is alyssa from kawakawa primary school I like that you show the 3r's at kawakawa primay school that is impressive.bye