Thursday, May 4, 2017

Secret Garden

We have been designing and building some pallet furniture to make a secret garden out the back of our classes.


  1. Hello Room 6,
    You are using wooden pallets, tires, hand saws, hammers and measuring tapes to make your secret garden. Are you building it out of bounds?

    If you plant vegetables that will be healthy for you and good to make oxygen. It's really good to see you giving building a go, it's different from normal school routines.

    You might hit your hand with the hammer! Your wood might be too thin,are you worried about it falling in the wind, snapping or rotting? Is it in a safe hidden place so it won't get vandalised in the weekend? We sure hope it doesn't.

    I think your garden will be useful because you could plant some flowers, build some chairs and it will be nice and quiet. Students could sit in the chairs if they ever fell sick. It's a great project to learn how to work together and be cooperative.

    A good idea could be to include a bird feeder and house in your garden. Building a fence covered in vines will make it more secretive. A water fountain and sprinklers could be added too. What will you chairs look like? You could shape them into mushrooms to make them look funky and cool, or tree stumps and paint them.

    We hope your garden turns out how you hope it does, we look forward to seeing the finished product.

    From Year 3-6 students from Lake Brunner School check out our blogs the links will be down bellow.

  2. Hi my name is david i go to wesleyintermediate i like how smart you guys were to build furniture for your garden behind your class.Maybe you cpuld talk more about what you did