Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hinaki Week

So at the end of last term we had a Tuna and Takakau week at school. In room 5 and 6 we designed and made our own hinaki in a hope of catching a tuna. When we had made them we walked to the local farm and set our hinaki. The next day we returned hopeful to have a tuna in them. Unfortunately they were empty. Here are some pictures of our hinaki.


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  2. Hi my name is Capri I go to Kawakawa Primary School. I like your hinaki,
    sorry you didn't catch a eel. Next time you should do the whole smaller
    so the eel can't get out and add more bait so you can get more tuna.

  3. Kia ora ruma ono my name is Mahuta from Nga rau pauwai. I really like your mahi hinaki and the photos help me to see the hinaki they look cool. I was wondering if you caught anything.